5 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

Believe it or not, I was never a morning person. I used to scream at my sister while half asleep every single morning when she tried to wake me up for school. I wouldn’t remember it when I woke up fully, but the poor thing had to endure so much just to get us out the door! 

I had no choice but to become a morning person once I had a baby. The first few months I was up with her every couple hours, so once she started sleeping through the night I didn’t really struggle with getting up early anymore. I think I was just thankful to be getting a full night of sleep. So if you want to be a morning person, have a baby!

Lol, jk. I really do have a couple of tips to help you get out of bed easier and enjoy your mornings! 

Leave time to relax with coffee or tea

Whether you work, are a stay at home mom, whatever… Leave some time for yourself in the morning if you can. I always have a cup of coffee in the same spot every single morning to start my day. This helps me transition into the day because I don’t have to get up and rush around right off the bat. I give myself 20 minutes or so to relax and just focus on myself. This has become a morning tradition that I really enjoy and look forward to when I wake up.

Pick up your house at night

Waking up and walking through a messy house makes me cranky. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I have a way higher chance of waking up in a good mood if my house looks decent. If I pick up the night before, I don’t have to worry about it in the morning and it’s less that I have to think about.

Go to bed earlier

This one is probably annoying because it’s a no brainer. I also probably just got Justin Bieber stuck in your head.. you’re welcome.

I feel like I don’t need to explain that if you go to bed earlier you’ll be able to wake up earlier/easier, but I know that some people have trouble falling asleep so it just isn’t a no brainer for them. I hear you guys! What helps me when I can’t fall asleep is reading. If I read for about 10 minutes, I’m out! I’ve heard focusing on something else is actually good for you if you can’t fall asleep. It’s best to get tired naturally instead of stressing about it.

Meditate first thing when you wake up

You could do this along with the first suggestion I listed (relaxing with coffee), or you could do it before you even get out of bed. There’s plenty of apps available for guided meditations, or you could find some on youtube. Starting your day out relaxed and in a positive mindset will definitely make your mornings less dreadful.

Have everything you need set out the night before

It’s easy to dislike mornings when you’re trying to find what to wear and gather your belongings all while being exhausted and stressed because you’re running late. If you pick out your outfit and gather everything you need and set it by the door the night before, you can sleep in longer and you’ll have a much less hectic morning!

 A lot of these tips are things we all already know, but sometimes we just don’t even consider these little things that actually make a big impact on how our day goes. It’s just nice to have a little reminder!